Hello Hunterz! We have been ejected from ROFL…rofl. No need to post the gory details. Suffice it to say, we are: EvE/DUST ops will be discussed and centered at the Pink Fluffy Bunny website ( We merged our New Eden corp ops…in case you missed that.


Good Day Hunterz, The new Dust 514 build titled Chromosome is now live and available for download. We have been running corp battles just about every night and there are always people online and playing. I encourage everyone who has a code to download the latest build and, if you haven’t already, go to “Corporations” [...]


Good Day Hunterz, The most recent beta build of Dust 514 released on 10/1/12. This is a great time to get into the game and try it for the first time or see the vast changes since the early builds. I suggest getting in before the end of the first weekend when people have had a chance [...]


Hey, don’t be shy now! C’mon! Catch a Riiiiiiiiiiide! Just a reminder that Borderlands 2 released today. Take some time and drop by to post your favorite weapons (with pictures) as you loot em. Those of you who can record try and get some video with your fellow Hunterz and link the YouTube vids in [...]

Looks like we're gonna need a bigger boat

Good Day Hunterz & Friends Dust 514 beta has a new build available for download. Maybe you got bored with the other builds, maybe you dismissed the game without grouping, or maybe it was just a little too buggy for your taste. Never fear, CCP is here….with Precursor. Hop on PSN, download the new update, [...]


Almost a year in the making and BHz HQ is proud to introduce RISE of LEGION   If you are interested in joining Bounty Hunterz please make your way to and follow the registration instructions. If you are still interested in RISE of LEGION but BHz doesn’t sound the like the place for you then feel free [...]


DUST 514 PRIVATE TRIAL, DUST 514 PRIVATE TRIAL To register to have a chance in getting a code for the beta, you MUST have an EVE Online account and a PS3. Register quick! Join the forum discussion on this post

Battlefield 3 - Bounty Hunterz 2

It’s been a while since I typed this, but: THERE’S A SHOOTER COMING OUT!!! It looks like the Battlefield 3 Beta opens this week for everyone, downloadable through the PS3 store.  Keep an eye out.  I hope to see everyone there, it’s been too long! Reply below or in the thread if you think you’ll [...]

EVE-Online2 - Scaled

  Hi Hunterz, The title says it all. Discord and I are giving away 2 subscriptions to EVE Online. All you have to do is sign up through an invite to the 21 day trial that Discord and I have already sent out. If you haven’t received one and you are interested just PM or [...]

Dust 514 Logo 2

  It’s a long way off (summer 2012), but I give you the future (we all hope) or FPS: Dust 514.  A true “MMORPGFPS,” Dust 514 will be played in the Eve Online Universe.  Dust players will be fighting the ground battles while the capital ships rage in orbit.   The reason I’m bringing this [...]

Shopping Cart Girl - BHz

  Hello Hunterz!   I give you a hot chick with a shitload of guns!  Just look at that woman.  She looks like she just got back to The Resistance zone with a stolen stash of Security weapons and a trophy badge she took off some dead fascist Ark guard.  Now doesn’t that make you [...]


(Let’s see if this works…)   You can now update your PS3′s to version 3.61. PSN service is also expected to return in the coming hours in a phased rollout across the US:   Get your game on people!

BRINK - BHz - Ark

  Hi, remember me?  We used to game together back in the Golden Age before The PSNpocalypse.   Tuesday May 10th is the long awaited launch of BRINK.  There’s been so much written and posted about it in our forums that it’s pointless to go in to detail here.  The majority of the clan will [...]

Socom Launch Wallpaper - Scaled Down

Attention Hunterz!!!  SOCOM 4 is upon us!  Tuesday April 19th (right at midnight at participating stores).   It’s been a while since BHz had a SOCOM game to play and there are many new members, so please take the time to use the website to add Officers and Clan Members alike to your PSN Friends [...]

Party Problem 2

  …or not.   Socom 4 has a few problems that are preventing us from playing the beta together: There is no party system.  We hope there will be one at launch, but that’s not certain. The Clan Match function is not working. Game Balancing separates some of us whenever one side is short players. [...]

Socom Cola 1

  As all of you in the beta realize we’ve been playing a lot of respawn.  Some of that has been intentional (it’s just a much faster way to figure out game mechanics and learn the maps), and some unintentional (the classic games fill quickly and it’s been hard to get us all in a [...]

Socom Sprint 3

  Many of us received the first invites, if you’re one of the few hit up the forums and lets us know.  If not, PS+ is next Tues (3-22), invites from Killzone 3 are active the next Tues (3-29), and one week later everyone can get in.   It’s a new game.  Forget MAG, forget [...]


  The title says it all.  We have Kudos, and Hat has already figured out how to exploit them!  Good job Hat!   Now get to posting, damn it.  We have a lot of ground to make up!

Socom 4 logo

  Bounty Hunterz, we’re going home.   Socom 4 beta access/dates as well as FAQ’s here, and below.   Beta Schedule Phase 1 (Private invites) – Begins March 15. Eligible players will be contacted with details Phase 2 (PlayStation Plus members) – Begins March 22. Members will join Phase 1 participants Phase 3 (Killzone 3 [...]

Site Under Construction 4

If you’ve been to the site in the last few days you’ve seen that the forums are down and some functions have been buggy.  Doc’s in the process of upgrading our forums to a better system.  We may lose all that we’ve posted in the process, but it really needed to be done.  The new [...]